Four Months Old like Polyps

In our first three months we published a number of stories by well-known flash fiction writers. This past month, many of the stories we published were by relatively newer voices. It was a bit of a risk, especially for a journal that’s still baby-faced, but it’s something we loved doing and would like to do more of in the future. It’s given us the opportunity to share these nasty, dirty, stinking, down-right rotten, absolutely wonderful pieces!

Brick by Brick by J. Bradley  

A provocative microfiction with startling imagery

F. Scott, Remember Me by Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber 

Counterpointing Fitzgerald’s life with Germany’s Passionspiele. Awesome.

Neighbor by Jovan Popov-Albertson

A gritty, deadpan, slice of Paris life.

Cat A Gory by Penn Kemp

A dream sequin from Canada’s reigning Spoken Word Poet of the Year.

Nothing Really Ordinary by Richard Mark Glover

A cool, noir-ish vibe.

When the Children Return by Cathy Ulrich

A lovely micro about loneliness and the alien abduction of almost all the world’s children.

Our Story by Christina Murphy

Poetically written, and easy to get lost in

Roller Skating in the Basement by Dan Nielsen

A very quick read and an insightful look into family and happiness.

Letter to a Midwestern Artist by Alina Stefanescu

Beautifully dense with language and imagery. An education.


Please read, please enjoy! And if you want a friend for life, please share these stories with others too!

Next month we have much, much more, including stories by James Claffey, Lori Sambol Brody, and four incredible, incredible, incredible micro-fictions by Hugh Berm-Steinberg.


Other news

This month also saw us featured on Jim Harrington’s Six Questions For… and Christopher Allen’s I Must Be Off.

The closing date for submissions for our Celebrity Themed issue is fast approaching. If you haven’t already submitted something, get cracking! Submission details

Regular submissions are always rolling – and we love reading your pieces, so send them in, send them in.

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Jellyfish Fact

Nine years and two days ago, Canada issues a stamp with a picture of a jellyfish, making it the 150th stamp ever to feature a jellyfish. However, they got the name wrong!


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