Three Months Old Like Planulae

A red blood cell lives three months and travels millions of miles – and now Jellyfish Review has done the same!

2016, so far, is going swimmingly. We continue to beat our visitor targets, we continue to receive wonderful stories – including some you’ll be able to read in the next few months that I’m ridiculously excited about – and time and time again readers and writers continue to tell us they love the magazine and the stories we’ve shared. And the stories published this past month have been among our most popular ever.

The Raptor and The Boy by Len Kuntz (One of our Pushcart nominations)

Nude by Mary Akers (One of our Best Small Fictions nominations)

The House Between Time Zones by Kyle Hemmings (One of our Pushcart nominations)

Lead Like Moses by Sheldon Lee Compton

dear michigan by Jack C. Buck

At The Pinnacle of Merry-Go-Round and Gravel by Kevin D. LeMaster

Clockwork by Terri Jane Dow

Ever After by Iris N. Schwartz

I Miss You When You’re Around by Ron Burch

Thank you all!

In the upcoming month we have some doozies, including perfect pieces by Ann Weisgerber, Cathy Ulrich, and Christina Murphy.

Which leads me to:

Best Small Fictions 2016 Nominations

Starting in 2015, Queen’s Ferry Press began an ambitious project to publish an annual anthology of the best small fictions of the year. The first book has been hugely successful – you’ve probably seen it around! We’re blessed to have a couple of the writers from the first anthology published with us already or set to be published with us this year. These are our nominations for the 2016 Best Small Fictions:

Pretty Changes by T. L. Sherwood

Bara by Andrew Stancek

Breasts by Susan Tepper

The Consultant by Stefanie Freele

Nude by Mary Akers

Judging will be by the mighty Stuart Dybek, and we hope he likes these small fictions as much as we do.

The Celebrity Call for Submissions

In an attempt to try something new, we asked writers to send us celebrity-flavoured stories. The response has been slightly overwhelming. Can you be slightly overwhelmed? Or is it an absolute thing – like death and pregnancy?

We will be publishing celebrity-themed stories between the middle of March and the middle of April. There’s still time to submit your own celebrity story, and I hope you will. It’s been a lot of fun, both for us and for the writer’s we’ve heard from already. More details are available HERE!

Regular Call for Submissions

We are also still accepting regular submissions, and the quality of some of the recent stories coming in floors me, so please submit something excellent for us. Reading submissions is one of the best parts of a literary magazine, so I’m always greedy for more!

Ryan Castillo

[Picture by Ryan Castillo]

Jellyfish Fact

Watch a jellyfish stinging in microscopic slow-motion Here