dear michigan by Jack C. Buck

dear michigan

dear lakes and woods and forests. dear 10:14 june 21st sunset. dear old home down the street that has been for sale for four years and is cheap. dear deers. dear deers that have escaped collision and death and lived to tell about it to their brothers and sisters. dear early fall and long winter. dear day trips to chicago and back home by midnight. dear saturday afternoon college football. dear rain. dear people who were laid-off from the factory. dear wool tube socks that we all got for christmas. dear old tigers stadium. dear farms. dear weathered barn on a no longer existing farm. dear cider mill. dear faygo pop. dear small towns where you can get by on not much. dear missing school because of five feet of snow. dear neighborhood i grew up in that made us feel like we were all in this thing together. dear irish and german families with 7 kids to a family. dear mom and dad. dear michigan and your need for backup-always-ready-when-need-be coats. dear those winter, rain, and spring coats that i just talked about. dear mom having me wear six layers under the red coat with the annoying zipper. dear little brother patrick years later wearing the same coat. dear dad and your unwillingness to sell off the old van. dear old cold van with the broken heater i hope you are faring well wherever you are. dear van is there a heaven? dear van are you in heaven, what’s it like? dear neighbor across the street who didn’t believe in raking leaves. dear rivers. dear trees for letting us climb. dear dunes and streets and open spaces and all the neighbors and all the cities and all the people.


kevin dooley dear michigan


Jack C. Buck lives in Denver, Colorado. His most recent short fiction is forthcoming in Connotation Press, El Portal, Beechwood Review, Foliate Oak, Scrutiny Journal, Ginosko Literary Journal, and Yellow Chair Review. He thanks you for reading his work. Twitter @Jack_C_Buck


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(Picture derived from photo by Kevin Dooley)