Two Months Old Like Eggs

At the end of our second month, and we have had readers from the USA, the UK, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Germany, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Mexico, Italy, Puerto Rico, Brazil, the Philippines, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Thailand, the UAE, Israel, Ukraine, Cyprus, Serbia, Tunisia, Japan, Curacao, Macau, Estonia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Colombia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Argentina, Norway, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Portugal and even the Cayman Isles!

That still leaves a lot of the globe to trot, but we’re delighted at how many corners of the world are reading the wonderful stories we’ve had so far. And this month, those wonderful stories were:

Breasts by Susan Tepper

The Man Who Ate Cats by Lucinda Kempe

Dream Sequence #35 by Lisa de Nikolits

Boris Is Alive and Working as a Piano Player at the Sun Moon Chinese Restaurant by Digby Beaumont

The Consultant by Stefanie Freele

New Friend by Barbara O’Donnell

Blue Hour by em jollie

Listen to Me by Ann Hillesland

Once again, I’d like to thank all of our writers for sharing their stories with us. I don’t think I can say this enough times, but cheers! To the writers!

In the coming month we have stories by Mary Akers, Len Kuntz, the return of Kyle Hemmings… and many excellent more besides. Which leads me to…

Pushcart Prize Nominations

We began in the last quarter of the year, and yet we have already published so many great stories. I was mad-glad to nominate these authors for a Pushcart:

Stefanie Freele, for The Consultant (Read it here)

Elaine Chiew, for The Boat (Read it here)

Beverly A. Jackson, for I Remember (Read it here)

Lucinda Kempe, for The Man Who Ate Cats (Read it here)

Kyle Hemming, for The House Between Time Zones (coming Dec 23)

Len Kuntz, for The Raptor and the Boy (coming Dec 16)

These are some outstanding pieces by some outstanding writers, and I think it’s safe to say we’ve probably got this Pushcart thing in the bag.

By the way, that’s two stories from our first month, two stories from our second month, and two stories from our upcoming third month, which was not planned, but which is very satisfying!

Please keep reading, please keep sharing, and please keep enjoying Jellyfish Review.

Thank you!

Christopher James


Ed Bierman

[Picture by Ed Bierman]

Jellyfish Fact

Jellyfish can clone themselves. If a jellyfish is cut in two, the two pieces can regenerate themselves to create two new jellies.

And it may not stop at two. Marine biologists at Australia’s Townsville aquarium placed an injured Upside-Down Jellyfish (Cassiopea) alone in one of their tanks. One day she was found surrounded by over 200 baby jellyfish. The most plausible explanation the biologists have for this immaculate conception? Their Cassiopea cloned herself!

The newborns will eventually grow to the size of dinnerplates.

I love everything about this story – the words (Upside-Down Jellyfish, Cassiopea, Townsville Aquarium) – the triumph over loneliness – measuring animals in terms of crockery. However, there is a caveat. The biologists admit that their Upside-Down Jellyfish might have had a tryst with an other jellyfish when nobody was looking, and done this the old-fashioned way!

If you want to read more: