One Month Old Like Gametes

One month old

Jellyfish Review is one month old. We opened our doors and published our first post on October 14. Our first story went up on October 23, and we have published some wonderful stories so far. Here they are:

I Remember by Beverly A. Jackson

He Wore Anthrax like a Purple Heart by Kyle Hemmings

Lala by Catfish McDaris

Pretty Changes by T. L. Sherwood

The Boat by Elaine Chiew

Bara by Andrew Stancek

I would like to thank all of the authors with all my heart. They have written some incredible stories, and we are so blessed to share them with you.

For our second month, we have some more great stories to share, including a piece by Stefanie Freele which I’m terribly, terribly excited about.

Please keep reading, please keep sharing, and please keep enjoying Jellyfish Review! Thank you!

Christopher James


jellyfish by janne hallsten

Jellyfish fact

There is a jellyfish called turritopsis dohrnii, or the immortal jellyfish, which can revert when endangered from adult back to sexually immature polyp. Needless to say, I relate a lot to this! In theory, it can endlessly repeat this life cycle, never dying, living forever.

In Japan, there lives a wonderful man, Shin Kubota of Kyoto University’s Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, who has dedicated his life to studying these tiny beings. He is deeply passionate about his subject, and when he’s not studying jellyfish he’s dressing up as a jellyfish and appearing on Japanese TV singing karaoke songs he wrote himself.

Just in case you find this as interesting as I do, here’s a chance to see Shin Kubota in action:

Shin Kubota, with thanks to Google Zeitgeist


We have started taking submissions for 2016. Please keep sending us your stories. We need them, we love them, and we enjoy publishing the best.

Feel like submitting? You goddamned ought to! Submissions Guidelines

[Picture derived from a piece by Janne Hallsten]